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The Cloud

These days one can't discuss Information Technology or the Internet without the discussion quickly migrating to 'The Cloud', and for good reason. The Cloud does change everything, and it's very much here to stay. Yet with that said, is The Cloud right for you? Certainly an odd question coming from a company named Cloud Conversions… and to that we say, exactly!


At Cloud Conversions we are Cloud experts, we focus on Cloud technologies and moving people to The Cloud quickly and seamlessly. But, only after doing sufficient homework and only to the point it makes sense for your situation. And every situation is different. At Cloud Conversions we start with Microsoft's enterprise-class Cloud platform, then go much further, adding functionality and support to make your environment more reliable and functional than The Cloud. Heck, Your Cloud will even perform if the internet goes down. Did you catch that? We said 'Your Cloud'. You see to us it is not 'The Cloud', it's 'Your Cloud' built to do what is needed for you and your business, designed and delivered for you.

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The result is the many advantages of the cloud with the performance, safety, and control of the legacy server platform you are accustomed to. The Cloud, designed and delivered in a customized way that makes sense for your people and your budget - Your Cloud.

​​In the end, to us the discussion is not about migrating to the cloud because you can, it is about doing what makes sense for your business. It is about taking advantage of the paradigm shift the Cloud enables while the same time getting you out of the IT business and back into yours..

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Your Cloud...Lets you get out of the IT business and back into yours.

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